Our Vision

Our vision is to serve the poor and to promote and instill environmental consciousness, education, and practices by combining volunteerism, surf travel and community involvement in the underprivileged coastal communities of the Dominican Republic. Help us preserve these amazing coasts and waves for future generations in the Caribbean! 

Our Mission

Inequity in the Dominican Republic is a common state of existence with few having access to quality education, food, knowledge and technology. Developing the right tools to establish fundamental elements of coastal conservation may initially appear as a secondary objective to having these basic human needs met. However, sustainability as a component of community development and environmental consciousness are inherently linked, amongst the Dominican Republic’s poor and rural coastal communities. It is urgent and necessary to include conservation and basic components of environmental education in order for communities to develop in a sustainable way, especially on an island. As surfers, our mission is to combine community development and surf travel in a way that improves quality of life, fosters life-long relationships and promotes positive sustainable changes in infrastructure and environmental education in impoverished coastal communities throughout the Dominican Republic.